Our commitment

MONTGOLFIÈRES du MONT-BLANC is committed to sustainable development! How ?

By contributing to environmental awareness

For MONTGOLFIERES du MONT-BLANC, hot air ballooning is an original and extraordinary opportunity to allow everyone to get closer to nature, to commune with it and thus to become aware of its respect. Let’s preserve together this beautiful environment and our Planet!

By ensuring accessibility for all

Making our flights accessible to all is a strong commitment for MONTGOLFIÈRES du MONT-BLANC. Because the sky is a free environment and allows us to be in another space/time, giving everyone access to these incredible sensations is an important step for us. To know more about it, go here.

By offsetting its CO2 emissions annually

Currently, the money paid is invested in sustainable environmental projects abroad. Our method of calculation: An estimate of the amount of C02 emitted during our flights is made by an independent environmental organization “C02 Logique“. On this basis, we donate to projects such as green energy research, which aims to reduce the consumption of polluting energy.

Since 2022, our company has also been involved in tree planting in Switzerland in order to offset its CO2 emissions. We are committed to reforestation and biodiversity preservation through several actions: planting new trees with a selection of species according to the region, the needs and global warming and the development of natural hedges for biodiversity Click here to learn more about the trees planted.

By limiting its CO2 emissions

Did you know that?

  • In hot-air ballooning we do not use any engine, our force? nature and more particularly the wind ! la nature et plus particulièrement le vent !
  • Our equipment is made of natural materials: wicker, leather, ropes…
  • In a hot air balloon we evolve in the middle of nature! No particular infrastructure, we take off and land in a field !
  • We limit our consumption of fossil fuels by using electric vehicles in particular
  • But which gas do we use? A gas considered clean because its combustion generates practically no particle, it is not polluting and not toxic. Propane !

You can find more information about it here: https://flaga.ch/fr/a-propos-du-gaz-liquide/

By limiting its waste and organizing its sorting

Within the framework of our activity, we make sure to use reusable materials as much as possible in order to limit our waste. In addition, we regularly remind our teams of the uses of waste sorting.

By ensuring equal payment

Because equality is a fundamental right, MONTGOLFIERES du MONT-BLANC ensures a strict salary equality between men and women and supports by its recruitment process a parity in its staff.